About Cass

Hi! My name is Cass, and I am a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer with a serious appetite for health and fitness. My lifestyle is all about living a BALANCED active life. I have a passion for crossfit and HIIT, and if I’m not doing that, you will often find me in the kitchen creating something nutritious and delicious!

I’m a shameless foodie and I believe in building a healthy relationship with food by eating nourishing and wholesome foods that leave you feeling energised and alive.

I aspire to inspire, and aim to empower people become the best version of themselves.

I am currently consulting in Cairns – Office 13, 12-14 Lake St. I provide nutrition consults that include an InBody Body Composition Scan as well as a 7 day personalised meal plan to suit your body and your goals. Bookings by appointment only. Email me at hello@cassolholm.com.

Not in Cairns? I also do online 7 day personalised meal plans. Email me at hello@cassolholm.com.


Cass xx