5 Go-To Foods to Keep at the Office

The work environment is an interesting place. We are surrounded by elements that can influence our health significantly. From having little time to eat, drink or sometimes breathe, to peer pressure from work colleagues who don’t have the same health views as you. The office can strongly influence our eating habits and sometimes not in a good way.

How often have you heard “come on, it’s just one ___ (insert chocolate, cake, etc here)” or “are you really eating another salad?” or the classic “live a little, enjoy life”. Trust me, my homemade salad will kick your café-purchased, white bread, mayo-smothered sandwich every time!Or you are just about to get up and grab something to eat and the boss drops another stack of jobs on your desk. And lets not even get started on 3:30itis.

So here is a list of 5 crucial foods to keep in the office to battle all of your workplace demons, and still keep you on your healthy pathway:

  1. Frozen Grapes: if you have a fridge in the office, you also most likely also have a freezer. Throw in a small bunch of frozen grapes in the morning and come 3:30itis, you have a perfect sweet snack. Being frozen also means you won’t devour the entire bunch in 5 minutes flat.
  1. Trail mix: a handful of nuts and seeds (preferably raw and unsalted) are a perfect portable option because they don’t require to be refrigerated. They can be left in a container in your top office draw, locker or like me, can live permanently in your handbag until eaten.
  1. Boiled eggs: eggs are one the most nutritional foods available and will stop the constant snacking. Simply hard boil 2 eggs at home and pop them into the work fridge. A helpful hint depending on your work setup, maybe eat these slightly smelly bad boys alone in the lunchroom.
  1. Yoghurt: Natural yoghurt is packed with probiotics, protein, vitamin B12, calcium and so much more. It also has a very low glycemic index (GI) so will keep you feeling fuller for longer!
  1. Coconut water: this sweet, energising, hydrating drink is packed with 5 essential minerals and is the perfect replacement for that extra coffee you know you probably shouldn’t be having.

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