Chicken Soup, Good For The Soul? Or Is It Just A Myth?

So is chicken soup really that good for the soul? Or is this just a myth that has been passed down generations to comfort us when we aren’t feeling well or have a cold?

Well it turns out Grandma was right! Chicken soup is not only good for the soul, but is good for almost everything! Especially when you’ve got a nasty winter cold. Why? Let me explain…


Chicken soup is ideal for hydration.We should all know by now that we need to keep our fluids up when we are sick, and I’m sure like most of you the last thing I want to do when I have a cold is to eat or drink. The large quantity of broth allows for adequate hydration. Hydration is the key to recovery.

Chicken soup is packed with quantities of protein.When you are sick a large majority of your body’s energy is exerted trying to combat your illness.

Chicken soup is a cleanser.Just like other warm fluids such as tea, the steam from chicken soup aids in relieving congestion and clearing sinuses and airways.

Chicken soup is rich in necessary micronutrients. Chicken soup is also typically paired with other immune-boosting foods. And like juices and smoothies, nutrients from soups are more readily absorbed.

Chicken soup contains anti-inflammatoryproperties.

Chicken soup is a comfort food.Often chicken soup is given to us when we are children so commonly people find comfort in connecting situations where they were most likely fed or looked after by a loved one. Studies have also found a ‘placebo effect’ associated with chicken soup. A further bonus is that unlike many other comfort foods, chicken soup is not only nutrient-dense but also typically low in calories.


So if you’re fighting a nasty winter cold, time to bust out the chicken soup! Home made soups are always best, however canned soups are also very good if you choose the options that are low in sodium or contain the words ‘reduced salt’.


However if you prefer a ‘homemade’ option, try my delicious and healthy homemade Chicken and Vegetable Soup recipe here!

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