Garlic, The Underrated Superfood!

‘Superfood’ is a term used to describe an incredibly nutrient-rich food containing many beneficial health and well-being properties. Many of us know about superfoods and can most likely name one or two. The usuals that first come to mind are spinach, salmon, blueberries and the currently hyped kale. Although I must admit, hype aside, kale does live up to its superfood reputation. However there is one food that is not often gifted with the title of ‘superfood’, yet well and truly deserves it… GARLIC! Maybe it’s because garlic isn’t a very pretty or trendy food, or perhaps everyone just assumes that garlics benefits are an old wives tale or a myth that has been passed down. In fact, garlic deserves the label and hype just as much as kale does. This nutrient-dense food has a VERY long list of health benefits.

Myself and several other Nutritionists and health practitioners have given the low down on garlic in this article by Buro 24/7! Take a read, you’ll soon be putting garlic on the weekly shopping list!

Whilst we’re on the subject of garlic and eating more of it, I’m sure this thought crossed your mind: “Garlic breath… I’d rather not.”Yes, the unfortunate side effect of eating garlic or any of the Allium family such as onion and chives is what we call ‘garlic breath’. This is a result of the sulphuric compounds in garlic, which are not only the cause of unpleasant breath, but also contain garlic’s health properties. My tricks for masking garlic breath are to drink tea, particularly green tea that is high in polyphenols. These polyphenols can help to mask the unpleasant odours caused by these compounds. You can also neaturalise the garlic odour by adding parsley or lemon to garlic-containing meals.

Thinking of adding some more of this superfood into you diet? I’ve got a recipe that is perfect during these cooler winter months! See it here.

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