Healthy Halloween Ideas

Halloween is not a calendar event typically celebrated by Australians, however we have adopted the tradition as an excuse to eat more chocolate and lollies (candy). The issue is not only the obvious increased calorie intake, but the added sugars (ahh the dentist), preservatives, colourings and all those other numbers that you see on the back of an ingredients label but don’t know what they are. Unfortunately the food side of Halloween is primarily aimed towards children, and marketers aren’t shy. From TV commercials to perfect product placement in grocery stores (you know down low, about children’s eye height, within reach and close to the register), children develop a NEED to join in with the fun tradition of chocolate and lollies.

This is just one of the setups at my local grocery store. You can even see racks in the background that extend right to the floor. Team that with the excuse to dress up in a costume and there is no denying the Halloween tradition of ‘treating’.

So when it comes Halloween this year, add healthy into the ‘treating’ mix and make it fun for kids. Try these healthy 3 ingredient “pumpkin-like” lanterns.

These oranges are so easy to carve, core and fill and they make the tradition fun and healthy for kids.

Using a sharp knife, simply cut triangles into the orange to represent eyes and a nose. Then cut moon-shaped smile.

Using a spoon remove the orange flesh.

Fill with fruit of your choice – berries, grapes, melon balls.


Or give these Halloween ghosts a try! All you need some kebab sticks, a banana and some dark chocolate chips. You could even use cacao nibs if your kids don’t mind the bitterness.

Another great way to put a healthy stance on Halloween is to cook your own healthy treats and wrap these in clear or orange cellophane for the kids to unwrap as a Halloween treat. If you’re looking for ideas, try my Chocolate Coconut Cookie recipe.


Now Halloween isn’t just about children over-indulging in treats, as adults we too use the excuse to indulge on one too many treats. The trick is to not completely avoid those treats altogether. Often this leads to binging or overindulging and then the associated guilt. Smaller is better. I’m a big fan of the ‘fun size’ chocolate bars. They are the perfect way to settle a craving without all the added negatives.


Oh! And whilst we are on the subject of Halloween, if you are one of those awesome people who carves a pumpkin lantern, I have the perfect recipe for the unwanted pumpkin flesh!


Cass x

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