Jumping In With Both Feet!

Welcome to www.cassolholm.com and welcome to my blog! This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now but have only just built up the courage to do it (jumping in with both feet!). I aim to post my thoughts and knowledge here as regularly as I can but I will be honest… work, uni and life in general will sometime get in the way; so apologies in advance.

So a little a bout me… my name is Cass, and I am a Nutritionist with a serious appetite for health and fitness. My lifestyle is all about living a BALANCED active life. I have a passion for crossfit, yoga and running and if I’m not doing that, you will often find me in the kitchen creating something nutritious and delicious! I’m a shameless foodie and I believe in building a healthy relationship with food by eating nourishing and wholesome foods that leave you feeling energised and alive. I aspire to inspire and aim to empower people with their own understanding of health and fitness and to help them find their own BALANCE an version of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Although I may not be working face-to-face in the health industry anymore, I have continued to keep my passion alive through my Instagram account: @cassolholm_fitnutrition. I have such a keen interest in health and fitness and I want to still be able to teach, motivate or inspire even just one person to make a healthy life choice. I regularly use my knowledge amongst family and friends who often seek my advice on food and meal plans. I now hope to be able to reach people on a much larger scale by sharing lifestyle through my website with blog posts, recipes and much much more! If there is something in particular you would like me to blog about or hear my thoughts on, please do not hesitate to email me under the ‘contact me’ section of the website.

Cass x

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